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  • Issue 13 (January 2019): Publications and markers for barley CCN and powdery mildew. Markers for scald in barley and for P. neglectus and tan spot in wheat. Correction to an item in this newsletter: the scald resistance gene from Pamunkey is on chromosome 1H, not 7H.
  • Issue 12 (January 2018): Steering committee meetings in March; markers for powdery mildew (wheat) and net form net blotch (barley). Correction to an item in this newsletter: Magenta (not Machete) is the source of the powdery mildew resistance.
  • Issue 11 (December 2017): Wheat: tan spot, Snn1, Snn3, P. thornei. Barley: scald, P. neglectus , powdery mildew.
  • Issue 10 (February 2017): Tan spot in wheat / Powdery mildew in barley / Marker meetings in March
  • Issue 9 (October 2016): P. thornei in barley and wheat; Crown rot in wheat / Pre-harvest sprouting
  • Issue 8 (February 2016): Spot form netblotch in barley / Nematode resistance in wheat / Steering committee meetings in March
  • Issue 7 (November 2015): Crown rot in wheat / CCN, grain beta-glucan and boron tolerance in barley [CORRECTION: the newsletter erroneously  says that the new CCN marker is for Rha2 --- it is for Rha4]
  • Issue 6 (May 2015): New markers for P. thornei resistance in wheat / New marker for MlLa powdery mildew resistance in barley
  • Issue 5 (March 2015): Steering committee meetings 11 and 12 March / New publications
  • Issue 4 (December 2014): Markers for boron tolerance in wheat + lots about SNP arrays
  • Issue 3 (July 2014): Markers for powdery mildew resistance in barley / Wheat 90k SNP array
  • Issue 2 (February 2014): Nominate materials for genetic analysis / Exome capture / Steering committee meetings in March and April / New publications
  • Issue 1 (December 2013): New investment in marker research / Genetic analysis: discovering and delivering markers for cereal breeding / New markers for CCN resistance in barley / What is KASP? Why do we use it? / Enabling technologies: Next-generation genetics / SNP arrays – publications and data















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